By Matthew Leffler Category: Endorsements, Get Involved

Some of the most impactful endorsements are the ones we hear about from our family and friends. After 20 years on the bench in District Court in Division 6 Judge Delahanty has impacted the lives of thousands. We will continue to post these video endorsements and encourage you to let us know how you’ve met Judge Delahanty or why you are going to vote for him November 6, 2018.

More Of Your Neighbors On Judge Delahanty

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If you’d like to be featured in our next Your Neighbors On Sean Delahanty just record a quick introduction about who you are and why you are supporting Sean Delahanty. Personal stories that let viewers know how you may have interacted with Judge Delahanty are encouraged. You can record this video endorsement on your phone and email it to us at [email protected]

Your Neighbors On Judge Delahanty

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For updates on the campaign feel free to join the site or follow Judge Delahanty on your preferred social media platform.  You also don’t have to make a video to help.  Sean has accounts on nearly a dozen.  Post to your social media the link back to our site and let your friends know you support Judge Sean Delahanty just like people in these videos.  Visit Sean Delahanty’s Youtube Channel for more videos or search our site.